SeaCity Museum

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A fascinating museum with a Titanic Exhibition and Gateway to the World Exhibition, with digital touch-screens and hands-on activities for children.


Civic Centre, Havelock Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 7FY

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Tel: 02380 834536

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Historical Sites, Indoor Activities, Museums and Art Centres, Science and Technology

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Ages 5 - 12, All ages, Schools and Groups, Teenagers, Under 5s

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(based on family of 4)

SeaCity Museum details...

For an interesting family day out visit SeaCity Museum, based at the heart of Southampton.

The main area of the museum tells the fascinating story of the tragic sinking in 1912 of the White Star liner, and of the impact it had on Southampton.

Children will enjoy the 1:25 scale, interactive model of the ship, showing the intricate layout of the vessel.

The Disaster Room describes the sequence of events from the time the Titanic struck the iceberg, to its sinking and the rescue of the passengers by the Carpathia.


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