stem4’s mental health guides for parents

Mental health is increasingly at the forefront. It is so important, now more than ever during this challenging period. Therefore, Let’s Go With The Children have teamed up with stem4 to support their brand new COVID-19 mental health information booklet for parents which is available to download now. Stem4 is a charity that promotes the positive mental health of young people.
At a time of uncertainty and increased anxiety, parents have a key role in supporting the mental health of young people. This booklet will help you provide comfort and reassurance, limit the impact of uncertainty and information overload, help deal with loss and change, strengthen family connections and be aware of how your own responses might impact on the family. It will also help you to learn effective strategies to deal with new challenges and establish resilience for the future – in your children and yourselves.

Click here for a wealth of advice to support children, and yourselves, during the outbreak.
Click here for a useful booklet geared towards helping teens protect their mental health during this period.

Additionally, parents may find the following mental health apps useful:

Clear Fear – a free app to help children & young people manage the symptoms of anxiety

Combined Minds – a free app to help families & friends provide mental health support for teenagers

Calm Harm – a free app to help young people manage the urge to self-harm

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