DVDs suited to under 10s

1 Playmobil The Movie

Not a Lego fan? Try this. After being whisked away to the magical land of Playmobil, Charlie is taken prisoner by the evil Emperor Maximus (Adam Lambert). In an attempt to save him, his sister Marla teams up with food truck driver Del and secret agent Rex Dasher on a rescue mission that sees Marla rediscover her sense of adventure.

2 Thomas & Friends: Digs & Discoveries

The feature-length episode of the children’s animation following the adventures of Thomas the tank engine and his locomotive friends. Here, Thomas and his friends are working in Italy where they learn about the country’s hidden history and uncover the legend of the lost engine.

3 Moominvalley: The Complete First Series

All 13 episodes of the much-loved Moomin family take you on an adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley to learn more about our humanity, relationships and emotions and, especially, about love. Featuring the voices of Taron Egerton, Rosamund Pike, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Saunders.

4 Peter Pan 

A live-action re-telling of J.M. Barrie’s classic children’s story. The darling children follow Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) to Neverland, a world where anything is possible and get caught up in adventures with Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and the dastardly Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs) and his pirate crew.

5 Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season

All 52 episodes, from the Cartoon Network series, follow the adventures of Finn and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake and a dog with magical powers in the Land of Ooo. They encounter the likes of Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Lumpy Space Princess, and Flame Princess.

6 Polly Pocket: Tiny Escape

In the town of Littleton, eleven-year-old Polly Pocket is fixing her grandmother Penelope’s locket when she discovers it has magical powers – capable of shrinking its user down to pocket-size. Here, Polly has to save her pocket-sized friends after Miss Fuss confiscates her possessions.

7 The Little Engine That Could

The new animated version of the much love shy Little Engine is terrified at the prospect of leaving Dreamland to deliver toys into the Real World. With the help of her trusty friends, she manages to overcome her fears and find the courage to venture forth into the big wide world in affort to save a little boy who has become stranded in Dreamland.

 8 Angry Birds 2

The birds and pigs are living in relative harmony until they discover there’s an ice-bound volcanic island with a molten lava core, populated by eagles, whose leader wants to drive them out and take over their homes. Now birds and bacon must join forces to save the day.

9 The Queen’s Corgi

Amusing animated tale about the adventures of Rex (Jack Whitehall) and the Queen’s (Julie Walters) favourite corgi who, when President Trump comes to visit, accidentally causes an upset and is tricked into leaving the palace grounds by a jealous rival. After finding himself in an animal shelter, Rex unites the other stray canines against former fighting dog Tyson and attempts to make his way back home. The question is, will he be too late to save his position as top dog!

10 Scooby-Doo: Return to Zombie Island

Having spent their lives solving mysteries, they think there’s nothing left to solve so they all take a trip to an island that they once visited before in search of some rest and relaxation. However, they quickly find themselves under attack by zombies and in a race to survive and figure out what is happening as they face their ultimate challenge.

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