Top 10 Terrific Toddler Days

As autumn commences, rain or shine, it’s an inspiring time for days out to enjoy with your little monkey. The air is beginning to crisp, the leaves are a blur of vibrant yellow, reds and browns and rain coats and fluffy jumpers are making an appearance.

The opportunities to expand their creativity and sensory skills through playing outside are endless, especially with Halloween just around the corner! It can be as simple as wrapping up and going for a country walk with your little one to picking pumpkins to carve together at home.

With so many possibilities, we have put together a go to ‘top 10 list’ of simple seasonal adventures to enjoy. Adventures which are bound to spark up the kiddy in all of us.

1. Go for a park picnic

Slow down and enjoy a little down time with your toddler, over a picnic, in the local park, back garden or even living room floor! Grab a blanket or teepee, some delicious seasonal food, perhaps a book or an activity they like and you’re all set. You never know, perhaps this is one which could become your own little tradition every autumn? A great one for all ages.

2. Get collecting!

Pinecones and conkers fall in October. Collecting them can be an exciting afternoon activity for everyone involved. This is certainly a wonderful way to explore nature too.

Thereafter, this opens up more activities; from the classic conker games to pine cone arts and crafts. For an idea of how to get creative with your new pinecone collections see point 10.

3. Plan a farm visit

Farms are simply brilliant attractions for toddlers. Don’t miss a chance to experience farms in autumn with your little one. They offer unique and wonderful activities both indoors and outdoors.

4. Go on an enchanted woodland walk

Discover the magic in a local woodland. Perhaps even invent a story along the way! If it is a little drizzly out this can be a great option as it tends to be a little more sheltered.

You could get your little ones back to nature and the world outside at Watts Gallery, Surrey. Little Rays Forest School goes to Watts Gallery’s Woodland to entertain the under 5s with some great activities (16 Sep-18 Nov). For more details click here.

5. Go pumpkin picking

Why go to the supermarket when you can pick your own? Prepare for Halloween and go pumpkin picking! A tradition which started in America and in recent years has seen an influx of events in the UK for good reason, it’s great fun!

You could head to the Pumpkin Picking Patch at Thornton Hall Farm this half term (12-31 Oct). For more details click here.

6. Fly a kite!

On a clear day, go old school and pick up a kite! With the wind picking up around this time of year why not find a windy spot and give it a whirl. It could be a great activity to involve older generation family members in too.

7. Scavenger hunt

As animals prepare for winter and the leaves change colour, nature is truly showing off so try this fun and easy way to explore the changes with a scavenger hunt! It also helps them to gain a little understanding of the seasonal changes in the big world around them.

Create your own or print off this FREE version.

8. JUMP 

Go on, put your wellies on, jump in puddles, jump in leaves, you name it! You know you want to, granted it might be little messier if it’s drizzly out but if you do then no doubt your toddler will want to do it too. Head to your local park or step into your back garden, it’s a winner every time.

9. Build an indoor/outdoor den

A classic activity for all children indoors. However, we think this is certainly one which is perfect to take outdoors too this season. Collect twigs, branches, leaves … you name it. Let imaginations run wild!

10. Pinecone Rolling

Once you have a nice little collection of pinecones you could do this simple fun activity inside or in the garden at home one sunny autumnal day.

It’s as simple as dipping a pinecone in some paint and rolling it onto plain paper. If you want to hang both theirs and your masterpiece together (perhaps as a unique little Christmas decoration), we recommend cutting the shape out and tying each pinecone shape together.

We hope these ideas spark up your imagination for activities to get up to with your toddler and the rest of the family this autumn. Have fun!

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