Top 10 Disney films to watch

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the opening of Euro Disney, now more commonly known as Disneyland Paris, we have been reminiscing about all our favourite Disney films. With so many to choose between, remakes and sequels it is hard to pin point a top ten. Believe us when we say there were some tough choices, and obvious ones we missed and then couldn’t decide which to replace in favour of another, so we stuck to our guts. The selection we have chosen came to us as a quick fire “What’s your favourite Disney film?” so we hope you and your children like these as much as us.

Why not pick one from our selection (or your own shelves) and get the family together to sing some songs and witness magic. What is your child’s favourite Disney film and is it the same as yours? We’d love to hear from you so check us out on Facebook and leave a message about your favourite Disney film.

If you’re heading out this weekend take a look at our pick of the latest family films currently in cinemas.


jungle book

1.The Jungle Book (1967) and we can’t forget the real-life adaptation from 2016



2.Aristocats (1970)


Sword and the stone

3.Sword in the Stone (1963)


Beauty and the beast film still

4.Beauty and the Beast (1991) and of course the latest real-life adaptation (2017)


Mulan film still

5.Mulan (1998)


lion kind

6.The Lion King (1994)


Pocahontas film still

7.Pocahontas (1995)



8.Tarzan (1999)


101 dalmatians

9.101 Dalmatians (1961)



10.Tangled (2010)


Don’t forget to leave us a message on Facebook and tell us what your Top 10 would be and which ones you can’t believe we missed out!