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This family-friendly museum in Aylesbury reopened in spring 2022 with brand new galleries full of objects and activities. Great choice for all ages.


Church Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 2QP

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Tel: 01296 331441

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Birthdays, Indoor Activities, Museums and Art Centres, Science and Technology

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All ages, Schools and Groups

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Add Discover Bucks Museum in Aylesbury to your list of places to go in Buckinghamshire and discover the story of the local people and landscapes. This museum was formerly called the Bucks County Museum.

New galleries opened in spring 2022 following rebranding and redevelopment. The final new gallery, Discover Bucks Wildlife, was due to open in autumn 2022. Enjoy displays on geology, archaeology, art, people and natural history. There are plenty of hands-on opportunities for kids, who can look forward to testing the weight of a Bronze Age sword, comparing their height to that of a Neanderthal and actually touching a mammoth leg bone!

There is also the wonderfully interactive Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery, which is usually open on Saturdays and in Bucks school holidays.

Various ticket options are available.

Please see Discover Bucks Museum’s website for further details before visiting.

Discover Bucks Museum Events

Discover Ducks at Discover Bucks Museum

Open 25th January 2024 - 28th November 2024

Book toddlers onto a session for under 5s and their carers at Discover Bucks Museum in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Runs on the last Thursday of the month.

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