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Deep Sea World in North Queensferry boasts the longest underwater tunnel in Britain, where all the family can get close to an amazing array of marine life.


Forthside Terrace, Battery Quarry, North Queensferry

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Tel: 01383 411880

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Animals, Birthdays, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities

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Ages 5 - 12, All ages, Schools and Groups, Teenagers, Under 5s

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Scotland’s National Aquarium at North Queensferry makes a great day out for kids and adults alike. Deep Sea World takes you on a voyage of discovery, education and inspiration across the planet. There are a variety of zones, which attempt to recreate the natural conditions found in nature as closely as possible.

Discover some of the inhabitants of the Amazon basin, including catfish, arapaima, and the feared Piranhas. The Amazon is the second-longest river in the world, but contains more water than any other river, sustaining over 2500 different species of fish.

Two rock pools at Sea World give you the opportunity to get close to some of the inhabitants of the coastline of Great Britain, such as small fish, crabs, starfish and smaller sharks that inhabit this environment. The Deep Sea World seal enclosure is home to a group of Common seals, found in sea lochs and estuaries around Britain. The current wild population is currently thought to number around 43,000.

In 1883, Mount Krakatoa in Indonesia erupted in a massive volcanic explosion. The Krakatoa tank at Deep Sea World re-imagines the devastated villages that have become habitats to many exotic fish, such as Tang, Banner Fish, Damsel and Batfish.

Lake Malawi is the tenth largest lake in the world, and home to over 600 species of Cichlid. Found nowhere else in the world these Cichlid originate from just two species, trapped in the lake when it first formed. The Malawi exhibit at Sea World gives visitors an insight on these fascinating inhabitants of Southern Africa.

Deep Sea World specialises in the study of amphibians, and the collection here includes mudskippers and various poison frogs including green, blue and golden varieties. A successful breeding programme sees eggs, tadpoles and young frogs exchanged with other aquariums and zoos world-wide.

Walk through the longest underwater tunnel in the UK in Deep Sea World’s Underwater Safari. View one of the largest collections of sharks in Europe as they swim about above your head, along with many more fish, in a tank containing over a million gallons of sea water.

Entry prices shown are on the door. E-tickets purchased in advance offer attractive discounts – see the website for details.

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