Creative activities for toddlers

  1. Explore the Toucan Box website for great creative ideas using things you have at home for little ones and primary ages kids
  2. Using spare old wallpaper make a height chart and decorate it with hand and footprints for the age and date of the kids.
  3. Sort all those digital photos into albums using online site such as Photobox or plan some photo gifts for your friends and family.
  4. Try junk-modelling using egg boxes, plastic milk bottles, loose cardboard, sticky tape and scissors. What can you make? Here’s some ideas – robots, animals, monsters, https://www.playlikemum.com/20-genius-junk-modelling-ideas-for-kids-to-try/
  5. Build a memory box with this helpful guide here

For more ideas see our article on top quaranteenie days here

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Also, you can many more great family things to do and ideas to help during the lockdownhere

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Coronavirus Notice

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