Top 10 Quaranteenie Days

No matter what is happening in the outside world, this season is an inspiring time to enjoy with your little monkey in your home or garden. There is a hint of Spring in the air, trees are just beginning to blossom, animals are starting to wake up and even the weather is starting to get just that little bit warmer. Dare I say it but big fluffy jumpers can be put away and lighter jackets can make an appearance.

The opportunities to expand their creativity and sensory skills through playing outside are endless, especially with Spring upon us! It can be as simple as going for a country walk in search of spring flowers to making a bird feeder together at home.

With so many possibilities, we have put together a go to ‘top 10 list’ of simple seasonal adventures to enjoy. inside or outside. Adventures which are bound to spark up the kiddy in all of us.

1. Have a home picnic

Enjoy this period with your toddler, over a picnic in the back garden or even living room floor! Grab a blanket or teepee, some delicious seasonal food, perhaps a book or an activity they like and you’re all set. You never know, perhaps this is one which could become your own little tradition every spring? A great one for all ages.

2. Make a homemade bird feeder

Easier than it sounds! Grab some pine cones, paste on peanut butter and roll in bird seeds then hang it up on a tree. Then just make sure you and your toddler are around to catch a bird in action.

3. Go on a spring walk

Whilst social distancing we can still explore and discover the magic of spring in a local woodland or open space. Perhaps even invent a story along the way! If it is a little drizzly out this can be a great option as it tends to be a little more sheltered.

4. Make a rainbow

Children across the country are placing rainbows in the windows of their houses to help keep others entertained and spread the message of hope during this time of isolation. The idea is that anyone taking a walk during this current coronavirus pandemic can spot them along their route – and spread the message that we are all in this together.

5. Fly a kite in your garden!

On a clear day, go old school and pick up a kite! With the wind picking up around this time of year why not find a windy spot and give it a whirl.

6. Home scavenger hunt

As animals return from winter and the trees begin to blossom, nature is truly showing off so try this fun and easy way to explore the changes with a scavenger hunt in your very own garden! It also helps them to gain a little understanding of the seasonal changes in the big world around them.

Create your own or print off this FREE version


Go on, put your wellies on, jump in puddles, jump in leaves, you name it! You know you want to, granted it might be little messier if it’s drizzly out but if you do then no doubt your toddler will want to do it too. Head to your local park or step into your back garden, it’s a winner every time.

8. Build an indoor/outdoor den

A classic activity for all children indoors. However, we think this is certainly one which is perfect to take into the garden too this season. Collect twigs, branches, leaves … you name it. Let imaginations run wild!

9. Make finger bunnies

Make a bunny family picture together to pop up on the fridge. Messy but lots of fun! Simply press your thumb in paint and squish onto paper for the body, then use your other fingerprints to form the rest of the body. Lastly, draw on little bunny features.

10. Plant and watch a Sunflower grow

Now is the perfect time to get planting. Fill a few pots with a little compost and plant two or three seeds, cover with a little more compost and then water! Put in a sunny spot, indoors or outdoors and water daily. You and your little one can watch the Sunflower progress each week and when the Sunflower is looking a little more sturdy you can re-plant it straight into the ground and continue to water regularly if it doesn’t rain.

We hope these ideas spark up your imagination for activities to get up to with your toddler and the rest of the family during these unprecedented times.

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