Take Your Kids To Soft Play

It’s toddler time at soft play centres!

Whilst your school-aged children will shortly be heading back into their routines, it’s time to focus on your pre-schoolers. If you don’t want to do a big family day out and are looking to save some pennies this year, play centres are the best place to start.

girl and boy ball soft play centre

Play centres can be the best place to be on a rainy day. On these stay inside days, cheer things up with a trip to your local soft play centre – a vast room filled with a collection of primary coloured climbing frames, slides, tunnels, ball pits and more for your children to explore. Everything is padded, kid-friendly and ready for as much action play as any toddler wants to do!

Six reasons to go!

child in ball pool


1. Just for pre- schoolers

During school hours your toddlers will have the place largely to themselves!


2. Great socialising for your toddlers

Learning to get on with other children is a huge part of growing up and soft play centres, or playhouses as they are also known, are a good environment for your children to interact with other similar age children.

girl in soft play area

3. Active adventures for your toddler

Think how big a climbing frame must feel to your toddler. They will have the same exhilarating sense of accomplishment at reaching the top as if they had climbed Everest!

Soft play centres are a safe, massive soft play area for your children to explore independently. Climbing equipment in play houses comes with padding and safety features so you know your child is pretty safe. At the end of the play session they’ll also be exhausted!


4. Great excuse to get together with friends

When kids are climbing and exploring together, it’s an ideal break for mums to catch up while keeping an eye on the toddler group. Playhouses often have coffee shops or cafes where you can grab a coffee or a snack for the kids.

soft play area

5. Opportunity to meet mums with same age children

Play houses are a great way to potentially meet other mums with similar aged children.


6. Best of all it’s easy!

The majority of playhouses are in large warehouse-type venues which means ample parking, plus there’s lots of space for buggies and pushchairs. As these venues are all focused on children there are lots of child-friendly amenities.

Here’s a selection of favourites below.

Check out what’s going on in your region:

Coronavirus Notice

We recommend you always check COVID-secure measures before you travel and note changes to booking requirements. We hope you and your children enjoy wonderful and safe days out this autumn.