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Learn all about the history of planet earth at Our Dynamic Earth. There's lots to see and learn for the whole family.


Holyrood Road, Edinburgh. EH8 8AS

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Tel: 0131 5507800

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Birthdays, Indoor Activities, Museums and Art Centres, Science and Technology

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Ages 5 - 12, All ages, Schools and Groups, Teenagers, Under 5s

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An experience like nothing else on Earth! Visit Dynamic Earth and feel the primeval forces of nature as they shaped our planet. Take a journey on the interactive adventure of a lifetime – the lifetime of our planet. In our Deep Time Machine you can travel back to the beginning of time to witness the big bang at first hand. Travel billions of times faster than the speed of light through our universe and see stars exploding on the other side of the galaxy. You will feel the ground shudder as volcanoes throw clouds of ash and gas into the sky and send a molten lava flow speeding straight towards you. Reach out and touch an iceberg as the Polar ice caps are brought within your reach. See your breath, smell the chill air and feel your fingers turning numb as you gaze upwards at the Aurora Borealis. Fly high over ice cold glaciers and marvel at their power as they slowly carve out entire continents. From this dizzying height you will soar from the sky and plunge deep into the ocean. As you dive deeper in our yellow submarine you will be able to observe the wonders of this magical undersea world through the portholes. Man the periscope in order to search for whales or simply marvel at the incredible array of creatures that live where no one thought that life was possible. Watch a 10 metre wall of waves tell the moving story of the oceans – without them life on this planet wouldn’t be here! Prices shown for discounted on-line booking. Check website for latest details.

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