Six Super Fun Garden Ideas

Just remember to keep safe and follow Government guidelines on social distancing and self isolation.

1. Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger Hunt is an excellent game for all the family. Simply put together a list of hidden items around the garden. It’s then the job of the kids to seek and gather all the items on the list. You can even make it a really hard and difficult hunt to keep the kids occupied for longer……

2. Gardening with Daisies

If you have a bit of lawn you will have noticed the daisies are popping up everywhere. How about digging them up and moving them all together to create a carpet daisy patch or putting them in a spare plant pot together, they are free flowers and are really pretty en masse.

3. Obstacle Race

Build an obstacle course to go under, go over, go through…

4. Teddy Bear Picnic

Get the children to make their favourite sandwiches (with what’s in the fridge), add a few treats if you have them, then gather the teddy bears and head on down to the bottom of the garden.

5. Hide and Seek

Don’t forget the simple games can be just as fun. Have a family hide and seek game. Or get out some balls for a game of football or catch. Just being outside all together will burn off some energy and be fun in the sun.

6. Enter the Chelsea Physic Garden ‘Plot on a Plate miniature gardening competition’

Join this fun and creative gardening competition as a family and make a garden or mini landscape on a plate! The contest is open to everyone and is a great activity to get stuck into this weekend with the kiddies.  The more creative the better! They note you can use whatever you like, your garden could be living or lollipops could be trees and matches could be a fence just let your imagination run wild. Winners will receive an annual pass to the Garden and hampers of *gardening goodies from Candide.

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