Owls, Falcons & Eagles at Muncaster Castle

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See the captivating owl and falcon flying displays at Muncaster Castle this summer which take place daily in the grounds as part of your ticket.

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Muncaster Castle, Gardens and Owl Centre Ravenglass, Cumbria, CA18 1RD

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Tel: 01229 717614

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Open 17 May - 31 Oct

Visit the Muncaster Hawk and Owl Centre at Muncaster Castle and watch the amazing bird displays as part of your castle entrance tickets.

The displays are set in Muncaster’s beautiful gardens where you can witness the stealthy silent flight of an owl, the breathtaking speed of a falcon or a majestic eagle soar over the valley!

The World of Owls display starts at 11.30am in the Old Rose Garden arena, in the Hawk & Owl Centre and the  Sky Hunters bird of prey display takes place at 2pm daily on the Meadow during the summer up until the end of October.

Plus you can watch the wild heron feed at 4pm, which takes place on the Cannon Bank and where you can find out about the nearby centuries-old heronry on the estate and how this daily spectacle was established.

Ticket discounts are available for online booking of tickets, see the website. 


This event is taking place at...

Muncaster Castle, Gardens and Owl Centre

Explore the beautiful Muncaster Castle and Gardens and make a visit to the hawk and owl centre and witness one of the flying displays.

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