Creative activities for all ages


  1. Draw and colour-in a large rainbow picture to put in your front window – people are doing this around the world to raise everyone’s spirits!
  2. Make a birthday card for a family member or a friend you can’t socialise with, make it personal and special for them with all your glitter pens and collage bits and bobs
  3. Sketch one another’s portrait, try doing it in the style of your favourite artist such as Picasso or Van Gogh. Pin up your portraits in your own home gallery.
  4. Make a personal present for a family member or a friend using all the craft materials you can find in the house or any old bits of clothing that was assigned to the charity bag.
  5. Role Play – become a make-up artist, tidy up all your old make-up and let the kids ‘do’ your face, sensible, glamorous or something more theatrical (great if you have face paints at home). Send the pics to your family and friends.
  6. Role Play – let the kids become your hairdresser, the little ones can style it in a fun way and the older kids can be let loose with the scissors! (if you trust them!)
  7. Download the glorious colouring activity pack from the Affordable Art Fair https://affordableartfair.com/media/wysiwyg/pdf/kids-activity-pack-glorious-colour.pdf
  8. Heaps more ideas for creative kids of all ages on the website and App https://www.hellowonderful.co

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Also, you can many more great family things to do and ideas to help during the lockdownhere

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Coronavirus Notice

Lockdown is easing further and it is great news that both indoor and outdoor attractions are open to visit once again. We hope you and your children enjoy a wonderful day out after so long. Please check COVID-secure measures set out by the venue before you travel and note any changes to opening times.

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