Coping with Coronavirus stress

Top Ten ideas for coping with Coronavirus stress and anxiety for you and the family

 It’s not surprising we are all feeling a bit anxious and stressed with the ongoing Coronavirus news and uncertainty. As kids are very good at picking up on your worries, they are probably feeling anxious themselves.

To help you all keep calm and not become overwhelmed, here are our Top Ten resources and ideas to help.

  1. Coronavirus: stick to the facts and keep it simple

Children have access to all kinds of information so it’s best to separate facts from fiction but keep it simple. Here are top tips from the BBC

  1. Be among nature

We are all allowed to go out once a day. Take a walk – obviously keeping your social distancing  – and watch spring unfold. Focus in on a budding leaf on a tree or listen in to the bird song; it’s much easier to hear now the traffic is so reduced.

  1. Keep moving

Dancing is such a great de-stresser! Get your heart pumping and have some fun with the kids with these dance games (some might need a special control from Amazon) from the very resourceful Common Sense website.

See the video here

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness

The benefits of meditation are proven from just a few minutes a day and happily there are many apps to download to help all age groups that you can individually or as a family. Try Meditations for Kids for 4+ age group; Scape for 8+ and for tweenies to teens there is Stop, Breath & Think and Happy Not Perfect Meditation.

  1. Device free time, especially meals

Look at the silver lining in all this that you are around the table together to enjoy a meal.  Make it device free for old and young so you can all chat, tell stories and generally have some together time without getting distracted.

  1. Re-connect

It is the perfect time to get in touch with friends and relations who you haven’t been in touch with for a while. You can FaceTime, Skype, House Party, Zoom or just a good old phone call.

  1. Resurrect old projects

Pick up old projects that have been put on hold, as you were too busy. Great for focusing the mind and you will have a great sense of achievement. If you can involve the children and get them going on their own projects, so much the better.

  1. Bake something

If you find baking a good stress relief, try and bake a loaf of bread or a cake. Better still get in touch with an elderly relative or friend and get them to help your kids bake something.  Take something in the fridge or the back of the cupboard and look up what to make with that ingredient.

  1. Relax at home together and do nothing

Why not? And don’t feel guilty. Listen to your favourite music together, read a book, lay on the grass and look at the sky (weather permitting). Just do nothing for a little while and click off from the news.

  1. And lastly and most importantly……..Be good to yourself

It is hard work being a parent and now it’s doubly tough. Be patient and good to yourself and recognise in these circumstances you are not going to be perfect all day long. Show yourself some kindness and compassion and this will rub off to all those around you.

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Coronavirus Notice

We recommend you always check COVID-secure measures before you travel and note changes to booking requirements. We hope you and your children enjoy wonderful and safe days out this autumn.