Barracudas Activity Day Camps

Fun activity day camps for kids

Barracudas has run activity day camps for nearly 30 years, offering outstanding childcare during the Easter and summer holidays.

Barracudas offers a massive range of varied activities that children can try, whilst making new friends and most of all having lots of fun!

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The camps are for children aged between 4½ to 14 years and an experienced team make sure your children always have a brilliant time in a safe and caring environment.

There are 28 locations offering Easter camps and 40 offering summer camps so there’s bound to be a camp near you.  To find you nearest camp, click here.

Barracudas camps kids playing archery

All are Ofsted registered, giving parents peace of mind, whilst ensuring maximum fun and entertainment for kids!

There are flexible hours from 8am to 6pm for fit in with busy parents.

Camps activities are age-specific for each day and there are also camps for skill builder courses like swimming, acting and stage, science experiments and motor mania where kids get to try a selection of quad bikes and go-karts.

For more information about camp locations and prices, please visit the Barracudas official website.

kids sword fighting Barracuda camps

4 1/2 to 6 year olds

To make each child feel safe and secure, there are carefully prepared visual timetable with pictures rather than words, so the children can easily see and choose what they’d like to do.

They get to try most of the activities that the older ones do, but with smaller equipment and more frequent breaks.

This age group has their own rooms too, where they can ‘Explore ‘n’ Play’ with lots of additional equipment for their inquisitive young minds.With a maximum of 24 children, there is a ratio of one member of staff to every 8 children. More…

Barracudas Day Camps for kids

7 to 10 year olds

With lots of energy, this group get to do all the activities with the emphasis on fun. There’s swimming, lacrosse, archery, quad bikes, powerball and lots of other sporty and creative activities. More…

Barracudas Day Camps for kids

11 to 14 year olds

This age group take part in all of the awesome activities on offer at camp and there’s a great sense of teamwork as they try all sorts of new things like code cracking, spikeball, tennis, fencing and den building. More…

Barracudas Day Camps for kids