Let’s Go and Learn Coding

Do you have a wannabe coder, science lover or tech enthusiast in your house? The benefits of learning coding, game development and IT skills allow children to build a pathway for their future. Whether they are interested in this field or not, giving them the opportunity to experience these skills is essential to their development.


Coding is the future – where kids of the past learnt writing with pen and ink, children of today need to learn to code. To be successful in the future, being fluent in basic technologies will go a long way.


Game Development

 Modding – the process by which players customise game characters’ appearance and develop new game levels, allows for creative development, self-expression and problem solving.


Javascript, Web and App Development

 Designed to introduce children to a mainstream textual programming language in a gradual manner, comparing with Scratch to help them understand the world better. This often open children’s eyes to the world of WordPress, HTML and CSS.

 STEM is now a huge part of the curriculum, encouraging children to learn things we would never have even thought of ten years ago. Having problem-solving skills, creativity and concentration for young people, are all vital in aiding them no matter what direction their lives take them in.

Lucky for you, there are tonnes of great places around the UK offering excellent science workshops for those little ones who just can’t get enough screen time in their lives.



Fire Tech Camp

Fun Tech Summer Camps

Young Engineers



Geeky Kids

Go Code

Blue Shift Coding

Ninja Code Academy


Geeky Kids 

Richer Education



Go Code 



Ninja Code Academy



Tech Camp 

If tech camps aren’t your thing, there are loads of great science attractions across the UK to ensure your little one can experiment, play and learn as much as they like.

Coronavirus Notice

Stay safe. Coronavirus advice is being updated daily and most attractions are closed. Although we can’t visit attractions right now, feel free to browse for future trips.
Let’s Go with the Children is still open and are here to help and support families with ideas and information to keep you safe and your kids entertained at home.