Top family exhibitions to see in 2017

Start planning some great family days out to the UKs top Exhibitions happening this year. Children will be amazed, dazzled and educated whilst enjoy a day out with their family. Most exhibitions are also a joy for parents too and you could learn something new as well. Lots of the UK Museums provide some fantastic exhibitions that offer so much to discover and do, plus the effort that these attractions put into making their exhibits exciting to children of all ages is admirable.

Children writing

At Let’s Go with the Children we know that kids get bored easily and we know that you don’t want to spend lots, so we have found a mix of FREE and family friendly fun exhibitions. Do you remember the days as a kid when a school trip to the Museum to see a certain exhibition was so exciting because you were getting out of ‘normal’ lessons? Well that is the excitement kids will still feel when you tell them about these new exhibitions they can visit in school holidays and weekends. Admittedly they won’t be skipping maths for it but with many exhibitions offering activities and workshops to engage those enquiring young minds, you’ll be able to spend many hours escaping into a world of science, maths, sports, fashion, history, art and so much more.