Take part in the Big Bird Watch with the kids

Join in the RSPB Big Bird Watch

garden bird great tit

Liven up a dull winter day with a bit of bird watching from your window or on a walk. The RSPB’s annual Big Bird Watch will get the children excited about the birds outside your home and they can even take part in the survey that helps count the number of birds they see. See if you can spot a great tit in the image above.

Encourage the children to learn the names of the birds and what they like to eat. Hanging bird feeders and having a bird table will encourage more birds into the garden to watch. Check out the RSPB’s top tips on feeding the garden birds.

With recycled materials you can find at home, the kids can make bird feeders following this how to make guide from the National Trust 

winter kids

Wrap up warm and venture outside, either into your garden or a nearby park. Keep safe and follow government guidelines on distancing.

winter girl

Look into the tops of trees and into shrubs where little birds like to shelter and be safe from predators like hawks and cats.  With a little patience, you will see some birds.

bird on branch

Here is a starling, but you could see woodpeckers, mistle thrushes, blackbirds, sparrows, tits and our national favourite, the robin.


gardening to see the insects

Weather permitting, a little digging around in the garden might reveal insects and inspire your children to create a bee hotel or make a nesting box for birds and hedgehogs.  There is an App to download called Hedgehog Street to give top tips on these favourite animals to keep them safe over winter.


kids reading and researching

Follow up your lovely walk with some sofa time looking at a book to see pictures of what you saw together or watch BBC2’s wonderful BBC Winterwatch for amazing wildlife photography and interesting facts and finds about our birds and animals.

Too wet to venture out? Watch the mesmerizing Winterwatch live cam and bring nature into your home. Toddlers to teens to adults will be enthralled!

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Despite the lockdown, the birds and animals in zoos, safari parks, farms, aviaries, and other collections that we love to visit are still being looked after and cared for behind the scenes. You can sign up to follow the social media pages of Paradise Wildlife Park, Marwell Zoo, Birdworld and many others to see how our feathered and furry friends are getting along…..

Coronavirus Notice

National lockdown once again…Let’s Go with the Children is here to help and support families with ideas and information during this period. When we can start planning family outings, the Let’s Go Team will be inspiring you with ideas and inspirations but until then, stay safe and well.