Support the Big Barnardo’s Conversation today!

The Big Barnardo’s Conversation is a new campaign aimed at highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people across the UK.

They want to hear from children and young people aged from 8 to 24 to understand how Coronavirus has impacted their lives.

So far, much of the focus has been on how COVID-19 has affected adults, while  the impact it’s having on children and young people has been left relatively unexplored – so the Big Barnardo’s Conversation will give young people a chance to tell us directly, through a short online survey.

By taking part in the survey or encouraging children and young people you know to do so, you can ensure that the young generation are heard and supported during this challenging and uncertain time.

Help Barnardo’s be there for the children and young people who need us most, and take part in our short survey today!​​​​​

Children’s survey for ages 8-15

Young adults survey for ages 16-24

How can I support? 

It’s so easy to support the Big Barnardo’s Conversation, and you do not have to be a parent or carer of a child or young person to get involved. 

Support the Big Barnardo’s Conversation today by: 

  1. If you are a parent, carer or professional, you can get your child/ren aged 8-15 involved by supporting them to take part in the survey online here.
  2. If you are a young person aged 16  to 24 you can complete the survey here. Don’t forget to share with your friends too!
  3. If you are under 16 and would like to take part, please ask a parent or guardian for permission to complete the survey. Once you have permission you can complete the survey here.
  4. Help them get as many respondents as possible by sharing the campaign and survey links with your own networks via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! ​​​​​

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